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Proprietary Link Management Technology (DLink Manager)

It may sound too good to be true -as everyone "knows" it is not possible to overcome the limitations of managing text links on HTML pages. However, rest assured that LinkSmile's proprietary technology does, in fact, manage SEO-friendly text link ads on any type of page format on just about any hosting platform (i.e. Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, etc).

In a hurry and/or learn better visually? Check out our support tutorials (watch now)

The cost to use this incredible feature? ZERO. It is included as part of our total solution for helping webmasters sell and manage ad space. We make our money when you make a sale. There is no cost to join, no listing fee, and no fee for our automated management system.

If you are a "newbie" to SEO, Text Links, and PageRank; take a look at our "Beginner Guide".

Up until now, you've most likely been managing your advertisements by hand (especially for direct text links on HTML pages) or you have been limited to banner ads and -what we call- "traffic-only" links. We highly recommend "traffic-only" links (non-search engine friendly) for bringing traffic to web sites, but webmasters not catering to the growing SEO market are missing out.

A few of the webmaster benefits of using LinkSmile:

- Fully automated ad space management (even search engine friendly links on HTML pages!)
- Stay in complete control of ads placed using our ad pre-approval options
- Fully customize the ad / text link integration to the look-and-feel of your site
- Extensive help system to assist novice webmasters with adding inventory to offer for sale
- Numerous features designed to protect your web site from being "tagged" as spam
- Optional, low-priced, high-value service to even manage your own, in-house direct text links
- and many more features... (view more benefits)



For direct link placement and management, the requirements are:

- Any files to be managed must be set to at least permissions of 644 (very secure and typical)
- Your hosting type must be: FreeBSD, Linux, or Windows (95% of all hosts)
- Your web host must be able to support PHP version 4.1.0 or higher (95% of all hosts)
- You must install Zend Optimizer 2.5.5+ (a free download). Most web hosts install this for you.
- You must have a CRON job running to keep all links up to date

...and, that's it, folks!

In a hurry and/or learn better visually? Check out our support tutorials (watch now)

Please check our homepage for featured customer sites that are great examples of various types of advertising. We will list at least one site using each type of advertising. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. You may also view text link examples here...

Our core technology and the encompassing system are designed to be extremely flexible, powerful, and yet easy-to-use. We hope that LinkSmile will be your exclusive choice for maintaining and safely selling ad space on any and all of your web sites.


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Last Modified: 2004-12-10

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