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Benefits to Selling SEO Text Links

Selling text link ads is a great way to boost the revenue of your web site(s). Text link ads are known to be the most effective advertising method, and they are very much sought after on quality, relevant sites -especially where the site is offering premium placement.

If you are an honest webmaster running an honest business, then you do not run any additional risk of being banned from search engines (learn more).

Text Links are unobtrusive and, if placed in content, can be viewed as a helpful and useful resource for those looking for more, relevant information.

Webmasters offering text links receive a steady monthly income that is stable. View our payout structure.

The disadvantage to selling text links are that they can be very time consuming and somewhat risky if undertaken without proper knowledge. If you advertise on your site that you're selling text links, you risk penalties. It should be (in all fairness) less risky to announce the fact as long as you offer premium placement of text links, but it's never guaranteed.

It's difficult to find relevant link-buyers, deal with the barrage of emails, send out monthly renewal reminders, keep up with excel spreadsheets, and manage link placement. All of these things add up to a big headache. Even link auctions can be a drain over time.

LinkSmile takes away that hassle by having a large buyer membership to search through. We work on your behalf. We also handle all of the time-consuming customer questions & deal with complaints.

Our technology for managing text links (optional and free) also frees you up from the link placement hassle. It also makes it possible to monetize low-traffic, or low-PR pages that you might not have otherwise dealt with.

LinkSmile makes selling links easy, safe, and profitable.

Low Fee Selling - LinkSmile pays out much more on sales we generate for you. Our low fee helps offset merchant fees and advertising costs.

Sales Volume - LinkSmile is the fatest growing marketplace for quality advertising (text links and banners) online today. Our customer base is skyrocketing, and our search / shopping cart features make it easy for link buyers to find and buy related links on your site(s).

Maximum revenue - LinkSmile monetizes ad spots on pages that would otherwise be impractical to offer for sell -hundreds or thousands of pages..

Manage Your Own Ads - We allow you to manage your own ads across your entire network of sites to help alleviate your text link ad and banner ad headaches. You may even manage ads sold through other venues! Even better is that these are FREE services provided by LinkSmile! For ads sold outside of LinkSmile, you pay only the merchant processing fees!

Dedicated Stores - Want direct payments? Direct communication with your buyers? Sign up for a dedicated store and alleviate your headaches while increasing your revenues. You pay significantly reduced fees for sales made in your store, and you have the benefit of a commissions cap. So, if you are paying hundreds or thousands per month right now, you can instantly and significantly boost your bottom-line. Sign up today! Log in to learn more about Dedicated Text Link Ads Stores

Automated Link Management - LinkSmile's proprietary technology (optional) may be used to completely manage links sold on up to several thousand pages of a site! Installation takes about 5 minutes, and we can take care of it for you.

Hassle-Free - LinkSmile acts as a middleman on your behalf. We will correspond with ad buyers, answer questions, and handle all complaints.

Non-Exclusivity - Any inventory partner is free to list directly or through any other venue. We simply offer a warning to fully investigate before listing with another company. Just make sure you are listing with a reputable company. There are disreputable companies in this field -just like any other.

Safety - You have several options available for approving an ad spot:

  • we can handle it all for you
  • you can set pre-approval required to review before buyer can add it to their shopping cart
  • you can set manual approval upon purchase, or...
  • you can set automatic approval upon purchase (not recommended)

Relevancy - LinkSmile will locate quality buyers that you might have normally linked to anyway. The fact is that there are millions of web sites that have great content but would never get a link from you because you don't know about them. This way, you find out about them AND get paid.

Anonymity - Many people are worried about selling advertising online. It is no different than selling advertising in the real world -except that you should be careful as to whom you allow to advertise on your site. You wouldn't let a gambling booth set up shop outside of your family book store, so the same goes for online advertising. It just makes sense. However, advertising is the cornerstone of the Internet and is a great way to earn from it if you have a quality site.

Read more about the fears of buying and selling text link ads online.


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