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So, how does LinkSmile Rank in the Search Engines?

You may be surprised to learn that we do not directly target search engines for this site.

However, many of our SEO experts have been consulting to companies since 1997. Our senior team has been pooled together as a "think-tank", and are now available through


So, why do we not target search engines for our own site?

Well, our marketing philosophy is based on alternative means of driving traffic (that converts) -as opposed to relying heavily on search engines, fraud ppc, etc.

Even though we do not target the search engines, we do perform on-site optimization of and have quite a few top listings (and traffic) across all of the major SE's.

You may find us ranking well for terms like "Text Link Advertising" or "Sell Text Links" (Yahoo, MSN, and Google) because much of our advertising has the secondary benefit of increasing our link popularity --100% naturally.

The point is that you most likely won't find LinkSmile in the top 10 for extremely competitive terms like "SEO", "Search Engine Optimization", etc.

Instead of fighting for those incredibly competitive terms, we choose to focus on spending our time to offer our customers better services on their own web sites. is a fairly high traffic web site. So, where does all of our traffic come from?

As you might have guessed, we advertise on sites in our very own inventory.

So, we know our philosophy and inventory works.

Of course, we also have quite a bit of "word of mouth" business.

Our marketing strategy drives highly targeted, highly qualified traffic for all of our sites AND helps boost rankings naturally. It's a win-win for everyone involved.


We also feel that any company can "cheat" their way or "buy" their way to the top 10 in the SE's for those highly competitive SEO terms. That does not mean they are quality or know more than we do. It just means their web site has been around longer, spend a LOT on buying links, and/or are cheating.

We keep up with all techniques (white, black, grey, and all in-between). We "could" employ the tactics from the "dark side" of the force, but we choose not to do so. Instead, we work towards a slow-and-steady success. The longevity of your online business is our primary concern.

So, if you're looking for a quality and trustworthy firm, you should bookmark our site and then do your own research and investigations. You may join our system at no cost and have a look around.

When you feel comfortable, you can request full-service marketing, high-end SEO, or buy your own advertising using our "do-it-yourself" shopping cart.


Best Regards,

Wesley Tomas



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Last Modified: 2007-09-15

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