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LinkSmile Advertising Marketplace Gains Momentum

December 9, 2004 – LinkSmile is a "Free to Join" marketplace with "No Listing Fees" where webmasters can buy and sell quality advertising to each other easily, safely, and much more cost-effectively than by using text link auctions, typical ad networks, or text link brokers.
Its address on the Internet:

The LinkSmile marketplace has been brimming with activity since its launch just one, short week ago. Already, several recent listings have sold. Several sites have even sold out of all of their listed inventory completely. This is an excellent indication of the viability of the LinkSmile system and points to the success that this program will enjoy.

At the request of webmaster members, LinkSmile has also added the ability for sellers to create their own packages and offer customized discounts to potential buyers. This added functionality coupled with the buyers’ ability to create their own packages from different sellers makes the LinkSmile system the most powerful advertising solution online today.

Wesley Tomas, CEO of LinkSmile, comments: "The past week has been very exciting for us. We have received widespread acceptance, participation, and our members have enjoyed several sales –even during this early ramp-up period. We cannot wait to see what happens when we launch our large-scale campaign across numerous high-profile sites over the upcoming months."

The decision is unanimous. Everyone who takes a moment to sign up and look over the site agrees that the LinkSmile system is at the forefront of all online advertising offerings. LinkSmile will easily overcome the barriers faced by other online venues such as: pay-per-click, direct email marketing, traditional traffic buying, and others.

Webmasters are encouraged to consider better monetizing their web sites using the LinkSmile system and to boost traffic by searching for quality advertising among the small, but growing network of participating web sites.


LinkSmile is an online pioneer whose mission is to provide superior online advertising and marketing services. LinkSmile is a subsidiary of PuraVida Holdings whose other premium holdings include sites such as: and

For more information, visit the web site at


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