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LinkSmile Focuses on Full-Service Marketing | High-End SEO

March 25, 2005 – LinkSmile's proprietary technology, long-term customer success focus, and unique services created this rising star of online marketing. Its address on the Internet:

Due to wide acceptance by and unparalleled success for LinkSmile customers, the LinkSmile strategic, executive team has decided to shift focus slightly from a strictly "do-it-yourself" offering to a variety of optional offerings.

Now, online businesses and marketers have a tried-and-true, all-in-one place to go for premium marketing services. Customers now have premium choices:

  • Full-Service Marketing: Beyond SEO; can be 100% outsourced
  • High-End SEO: Search Engine Focused; Value-added SEO Services
  • "Do-It-Yourself": Search and Buy Quality Advertising / Text Links

LinkSmile's full-service marketing goes beyond the typical SEO company focus. Generic SEO firms simply target search rankings and let their customers worry about sales. The LinkSmile philosophy is centered more around sales as a derivative of quality advertising across multiple resources.

As a result of our full-service marketing, companies can expect a 100% natural boost in search rankings; but the focus is on driving traffic from alternative sources that are hand-picked and custom-tailored for the best ROI.

LinkSmile's offerings also include a high-end SEO only option that solely focuses on search engine based results, but is still more comprehensive than most generic SEO firms online.

For the experienced marketer, LinkSmile will still offer it's well received "do-it-yourself" shopping cart system. So, buyers can have as much or as little assistance from LinkSmile as they like.

We are confident that this transition will better enable our customers by allowing them to further outsource their needs and requirements to a trusted source. As one of the very few, honest and powerful online marketing companies; LinkSmile steps up to fill the void of honest, quality services.



LinkSmile is an online pioneer whose mission is to provide superior online advertising and marketing services. LinkSmile is a subsidiary of PuraVida Holdings whose other premium holdings include sites such as: and

For more information, visit the web site at


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