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LinkSmile SEO Marketplace Officially Launches

March 04, 2005 – While LinkSmile has been in BETA for several months, it has already begun defining the standards for the NEW text link market. LinkSmile's innovative ideas and goals have set the trend for the next iteration of marketing in this field. Its address on the Internet:

Now that LinkSmile has had ample time to test, improve, and implement new features requested by members; the time has come to officially launch the service.

"This release has been highly anticipated by us and by our members", says Wesley Tomas. As LinkSmile embarks to correct the many negative issues within the text link market, it has a long journey ahead. However, Wesley states that, "...[LinkSmile] has made significant progress in a very short period of time, and has gained significant ground on every major competitor in this market".

The announcement went out yesterday to all major media outlets to let them know of LinkSmile and its plethora of offerings. Meanwhile, LinkSmile received favorable mention by multiple marketers at the SES (Search Engine Strategies) Conference in NY. There was also unsolicited mention and demonstration of LinkSmile during an "Advanced Link Building" seminar at that same conference.

This comes at the heels of some excellent coverage by way of articles and/or forum discussions extended by such quality sites as seochat, seoproject, ihelyou, and numerous others. The general perception of LinkSmile can be summed up nicely by the following quote:

"The LinkSmile approach is excellent. Relevancy, traffic, and ROI should drive any link buying campaign; not PageRank.

Eric Ward - and"

During the short pre-launch, BETA period during which LinkSmile moderately marketed to sellers and sought to solidify its core technology and enhance services; Wesley says that he is "thrilled" that there are already over 500 buyers in the system. This is a great sign for the future -considering LinkSmile has yet to market directly to buyers.

All ad spots on quality sites added to the inventory (in most categories) sell out almost as soon as they're listed! LinkSmile buyers are hungry for the quality advertising LinkSmile strives to deliver.

As the LinkSmile inventory continues to grow, and the buyer member base continues to grow at a staggering rate; it is clear that LinkSmile has a bright future and quite a bit about which to smile.


LinkSmile is an online pioneer whose mission is to provide superior online advertising and marketing services. LinkSmile is a subsidiary of PuraVida Holdings whose other premium holdings include sites such as: and

For more information, visit the web site at


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