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Billing and Link Management Feature Update

February 26, 2005 – The LinkSmile management system combined with the ability to automate sales and invoicing sets LinkSmile apart as the all-in-one, most powerful, most flexible advertising system on the Internet. Its address on the Internet:

LinkSmile has taken the text link market to a new level again by successfully introducing the first-ever billing and management system for sales made directly to end-users by members (i.e. by using text link auctions or selling directly from web sites).

So, how could anyone improve upon this revolutionary product that eliminates text link sellers headaches and does it all for under $10/month for most web sites?? Well, how about if it were free?

That's right... Now, LinkSmile's breakthrough management system is available to everyone at absolutely no charge! LinkSmile will manage your billing (optional), link information gathering, email reminders, manage link placement (optional), and will even create excel-ready (.csv) backups on command.

Joining is free and using this exceptional new feature is also free. In fact, there are no fee-based services at LinkSmile; and our commission structure for sales originating within LinkSmile are the most competitive in the industry!

So, join now and stop wasting time managing links so you can focus on selling them.


LinkSmile is an online pioneer whose mission is to provide superior online advertising and marketing services. LinkSmile is a subsidiary of PuraVida Holdings whose other premium holdings include sites such as: and

For more information, visit the web site at


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