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Ever Lost Money With PPC? Do You Want To?

Of course, none of us want to lose money online. But, I am amazed at the sheer volume of people that throw money down the virtual pay-per-click drain. So many people do not even monitor their campaigns for performance or click fraud!

With click fraud now accounting for an estimated 50% of all paid clicks (and growing!!), it is not tough to see where that market is heading. The only reason it has thrived for so long is that click fraud is down-played so heavily and that large corporations keep pouring in millions/billions to buy "brand recognition."

And, yes, all they get is "brand recognition." It is a blatant fact that either Overture and other PPC engines are flat out lying about there per click rates OR the advertisers do not expect a "direct" return on investment. We all know it is impossible to make money "directly" on most items, if you're having to pay $18/click --especially for things like web hosting, gambling, real estate, etc.

There is just no way. The problem is that the newbie marketer thinks this is the way to go, and so they spend their hard earned money expecting a direct return. Sadly, the direct return never materializes and since they are small-time, the brand recognition never sticks. So, they are left with nothing but a bad taste for Internet marketing.

I would not even be surprised if the large corporation weren't working a deal where they get a certain amount of advertising at an outrageously high bid -just to make it look like the PPC search engine is generating more business than they really are and additionally driving up bid prices in bid wars.

I know first-hand after spending tens of thousands of dollars on PPC advertising that you can make money, but it takes a lot of losses, a lot of learning, and a skilled advertiser to do so. That is in addition to having to pay up-front in most cases. It is simply not worth it to me, personally, and I have ceased all of my PPC advertising campaigns altogether.

Ever since, I have set out to make a difference by building programs such as LinkSmile is set to change the face of advertising online for the better. We hope you'll join us in our efforts...

Article By: Wesley Tomas

Wesley Tomas is a known and respected online marketer with years of success and experience advertising online. Mr. Tomas has been successful with affiliate marketing, PPC marketing, permissions-based email marketing, and just about any type of methods researched.


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Last Modified: 2004-12-05

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