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Dispelling the Myths about LinkSmile


Myth: LinkSmile is just another Text Link ad network
(like marketbanker / AdBrite)

LinkSmile offers the same service as AdBrite, but AdBrite does not offer SEO-friendly Text Links nor automated billing and management of advertising sold via 3rd party avenues -which LinkSmile does.

AdBrite (formerly marketbaner) and others that deliver text links using a javascript-delivery method (or similar) merely sell -what we call- Traffic Only Links. These text links offer no SEO benefit, and although sometimes very worthwhile, do not offer the dual benefit of traffic PLUS potential search rankings boost.

LinkSmile pioneered the technology to go beyond the typical text link ads and has brought the ability to every webmaster to have SEO Text Links managed automatically. No more headache and no more overhead.

That said, we have tried purchasing from AdBrite on a couple of occasions and although our payment was accepted (and never refunded), we never once saw our ads placed or appear on the target website. We never heard back to our emails.

Myth: LinkSmile is a pay-per-click system
(like Overture, goClick, 7search, et cetera)

LinkSmile does not send pay-per-click traffic, bought visitors, or any type of "incentivized" traffic. All of those methods are plagued by cheaters who click themselves richer. That is why those programs have sunk drastically in quality. As the thieves around the world further their technology to cheat, PPC engines won't be able to compete or offer quality traffic at a reasonable price.

For those that follow search engine marketing fraud news, it is becoming more widely known that even search engines' own sites are being used to defraud advertisers (not just limited to Google and Overture). This is because competitors in highly lucrative fields are now resorting to paid "fraud click campaigns" that are sent out across p2p networks.

The competitor pays for a number of clicks (i.e. 500-1000 at a time), and then cheaters all over begin clicking away on the specified ads -costing the advertiser money. Since the users are from all over the world, there is no way to isolate and tag as fraud. That is lost money that cannot be recovered. The only final solution is to employ a fixed-cost system.

LinkSmile's program avoids all issues of this type of fraud. The only fraud that can exist with a monthly, fee-based model is that the site is of low-quality. We control this by policing the quality of sites in our network and if a site ever receives a justified refund request; that site, the webmaster, and their entire company will be permanently banned from the LinkSmile network!

At least in the case of that type of fraud, the advertiser is safe and buffered by LinkSmile's business model. There is no guesswork, and buyers can buy with confidence.


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Last Modified: 2007-09-15

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