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Guru Marketer or Big-Time Scammer?

Ever since I came on to the Internet scene and began testing methods to make money, I have never looked up to any marketers online. I have subscribed to just about every newsletter, every service (even ones I knew were scams), and purchased most guru-touted software and services.

Now, for the most part, I know what will or will not work before I even consider paying for something. However, in many cases, I pay for it just so I can figure out their scam or their angle. I do this because knowing how people scam you helps you discover the truth in online marketing.

I have spent tens of thousands of dollars merely buying scam services and scam products and now I can tell you exactly what the scam is without having to even buy it. This was the founding blocks for LinkSmile. In other words, we learn what is wrong about the industry and fix it.

But, that is a tall order and has taken a lot of investment, research, and hard work.

I won't name names, but I even view some of the most world-reknowned marketers as scammers. They always make these big promises and always have some new gimmick or ebook. Yet, their advice is rarely ever insightful for me, and in many cases; I know they are simply preying on the uninitiated.

This was never more apparent to me than when I bought a product I thought would be great to re-market via affiliate marketing (paid $300) and not only could I not get the software working; but they never offered an affiliate program for it! This was from an affiliate marketer where everything has an affiliate program, but not this. When I emailed him about it, I got no response. Nothing. Nada. ....scam.

And, since I am highly technical in numerous facets of coding, integration, web development, server technology, Internet, security, etc etc; I know that the software was not ready for release because I couldn't get it working -even after two weeks of working with their "support." .....scam.

Lately, my biggest pet-peeve with online marketers is how worthless their newsletter have become. I mean, I have rarely read anything that piqued my interest, but what's worse is that 9 out of 10 emails is something like "Wesley, you have got to see this!" or "Wesley, this guy made $70,000!!" or even better is "I've been keeping a secret, Wesley, and here it is!!"

I mean, what is all this crap? Do these "gurus" really make any money? I certainly hope not. I sure hope that their subscribers can see right through all the bull. In fact, I tend to see the same "new, great site" promoted by every marketer all within the same week of pre-launch. What a joke!

Anyway, I rarely give a second thought to anything they promote, so my advice is to read the LinkSmile articles, join the site, and check out all we have to offer. Finally, a real service built by real people!

Article By: Wesley Tomas

Wesley Tomas is a known and respected online marketer with years of success and experience advertising online. Mr. Tomas has been successful with affiliate marketing, PPC marketing, permissions-based email marketing, and just about any type of methods researched.


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Last Modified: 2005-03-22

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