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What are you thinking? Don't Buy PageRank!

Ok, this is one of THE biggest SEO (search engine optimization) pitfalls. It is also one of the biggest pushes right now on the Internet. People have latched on to buying and selling pagerank -as if it's a commodity on the NYSE trading floor!

This is a flawed method that webmasters are either lulled in to or they simply do not care about the long-term effects. First of all, pagerank is a "google" thing. Google enjoyed being on top of the world for a good while, but they are currently heavily plagued by fraud (cheating google/DMOZ editors), and there are now other fish in the sea that are springing back to life.

Therefore, putting your eggs all in one basket (i.e. only catering to one search engine) is risky business. In fact, we believe it is risky business to base your income on search engines in general. Search engines should be regarded as "free traffic" and as a bonus if you manage to rank high while running your campaigns.

Now, we're not saying you shouldn't cater to search engines at all or to not bother optimizing your pages. What we are saying is that you should not base your decisions solely on a factor -namely PageRank- that could be here today; gone tomorrow and taking actions such as buying or selling that are strictly forbidden by the very entity that offers it!

Now, if you're going against all the rules of the ones that developed the technology, how much of a fight is it going to be to stay in their system? Yes, that's right... it'll be a very tough and very uphill battle. And, ultimately, you'll most likely get banned.

In fact, we've seen people buying links on PR6 / PR7 / and PR8 sites that were created for sole purposes of selling links. Then, those webmasters placed 20+ outbound links and charged $75-$250/month for them!! What's worse is that people paid for and renewed those links! How sad. All of those people are simply begging to be banned and cast out by the very search engine to which they are catering. Best case scenario is that those links end up a devalued, complete waste of money.

The webmaster didn't care because he would eventually just dump the site and start a new one. Now, with Google's enormous resources, do you think they know about sites like that? You bet they do! And guess what? They will quickly know about any sites that those sites link to... think about it. Quality counts.

In short, our philosophy all along has been:

"Buy links (and maybe high quality banner spots) for traffic. That way, you know what you're getting. Then, be sure to factor in all factors (pagerank too, but not just pagerank) when deciding which links to go with."

That philosophy will drive quality traffic to your site and help boost your search engine rankings naturally over time. Learn more about our ideas on Text Link Advertising...

Article By: Wesley Tomas

Wesley Tomas is a known and respected online marketer with years of success and experience advertising online. Mr. Tomas has been successful with affiliate marketing, PPC marketing, permissions-based email marketing, and just about any type of methods researched.


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Last Modified: 2007-09-15

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