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Buying Worthless Traffic 101

Ok, so you want to know how to buy worthless traffic, eh?

Haha.. of course not. But, I tell you what... so many people are recommended these traffic exchanges and recommending these places that sell targeted visitors and unique visitors and expired traffic. The sad truth is that they are all scams.

Buying expired traffic is a great idea in theory, but you have to buy the expired domains yourself -which is a tricky game and is also plagued with scammers who will take your money and never deliver the domain. The alternative is to bid at auction for expiring domains and spends thousands for any domains that are even remotely worthwhile. Sites claiming to sell expired traffic have never converted for our advertising campaigns.

Buying "visitors" from traffic sites is also worthless because we have tried every one that we could find, and after extensive testing; we have found that only a few had any conversions, and even those did not cover the costs.

In short, save your money and buy traffic from real web sites that you can actually go and visit. Buy traffic from web sites where you can see your link and know that the site is sending you sales. That is the kind of traffic you'll be buying from the LinkSmile network of advertisers. Enjoy!

Article By: Wesley Tomas

Wesley Tomas is a known and respected online marketer with years of success and experience advertising online. Mr. Tomas has been successful with affiliate marketing, PPC marketing, permissions-based email marketing, and just about any type of methods researched.


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Last Modified: 2007-09-15

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