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Are Text Links Required?

One of the most relevant methods used by all search engines to rank websites is to look and value incoming links to a given site (i.e. backlinks). There are a number of other factors, but every SEO expert will agree that quality, relevant text links are 80% of the battle.

You absolutely must have text links for high rankings on competitive terms.

Additionally, text links are the #1 best way to be found and get listed quickly in search engines. So, how do you get text links or backlinks?

Well, here's a few of the more popular ways:

  • Develop interesting, quality content and spread the word
    • Disadvantages: This method is dying out because so many webmasters now choose not to link -even to quality content.
    • Advantages: Free... if you're lucky and have great content; you may pick up some links. This will most likely not work for part-time webmasters.
  • Exchange links (also reciprocal links, link trades)
    • Disadvantages: Slow, Time-consuming, Mostly unrelated, Low PR links. Most webmasters trading links these days will remove your link, provide a worthless link back, or cheat you in some way.
    • Advantages: Free.
  • Submit press releases using PR services
    • Disadvantages: Some cost $$, Time consuming to write a quality, newsworthy release
    • Advantages: Some are free, Some quality links back
  • Submit to directories
    • Disadvantages: Not viewed as important as once were. Costs add up quickly. Many scam directories exist selling worthless or soon-to-be-worthless links.
    • Advantages: Specific, relevant directories may be worthwhile and inexpensive.
  • Rent links monthly
    • Disadvantages: Time consuming to find quality, relevant links. Learning curve involved.
    • Advantages: Most competitive internet businesses choose to do this. It's usually the only way to quickly obtain high-value relevant links. And, LinkSmile can help lift the burden of work for this method!

We remove the time-consuming part of finding quality, relevant links to buy and can, therefore, match your campaign goals with the right advertising.

We also seek out and offer the highest quality link placements available. In this, we are unique because most others "say" they do this; but they truly do not.

Some businesses will do well with only a link or two.

Very competitive businesses (such as "web hosting" or "online degrees") will need to budget many thousands of dollars for inbound links. For instance, most of the top 10 listings for very highly competitive terms will budget in excess of $100,000 annually to stay at the top of the search engines!

The key is finding the best advertising and the best price. LinkSmile will work for you to get you advertising that will provide quality traffic in addition to increased link popularity. We also have access to many sites that other SEO companies simply do not have access to.

Therefore, your site will have that advantage and can compete more effectively for less money. It is also important to buy from reputable sources in order to avoid the risk of getting worthless links or links from sites that might put you in a "bad neighborhood" -so to speak- of websites. Due diligence goes a long way towards ensuring the safety of your business online. Learn more about safety factors related to buying text links.


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Last Modified: 2007-09-15

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