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Traffic Equalizer and Automated Traffic Generation Pitfalls

For those that are not familiar with Traffic Equalizer or other automated traffic generation schemes, here's a quick overview:

Programs of this type will basically scour the web and pull search engine data (some will even pull potentially copyrighted content!) based on your criteria, then compile it, and spit out hundreds or even thousands of pages full of this "junk" content.

I mean, these marketers talk about how it is quality content because the search engines find all the relevant keywords and there are links ,etc etc. But, the truth of the matter is that it is search engine spam, and it will get you banned from any reputable search engine in a heartbeat.

Typically, using any automated method to generate traffic from search engines is going to be considered spamming and will get you banned.

There is only one type of site that these pages are good for:

If you have a website you intend to market other than by way of search engines, then these pages will bring in visitors you would not have otherwise had. And, since getting banned won't matter; it may be more traffic than the site would get without the pages.

However, it is also worthy to note that most of the traffic you do get from the search engines are looking for something and when they see the "junk" content, they aren't going to search around the site or click to the homepage.... No, they are going to go right back to the search engine they came from because they know they won't find what they need at the "junk" content site.

We strongly recommend against use of any of these products -unless you are an experienced webmaster, have a specific reason for using these methods, and do not care if your site is banned.

Article By: Wesley Tomas

Wesley Tomas is a known and respected online marketer with years of success and experience advertising online. Mr. Tomas has been successful with affiliate marketing, PPC marketing, permissions-based email marketing, and just about any type of methods researched.


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Last Modified: 2007-09-15

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